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Warm Springs Road
Spring Township
Perry County
Warm Springs Road
This is a photo project intended to record the visual features of Warm Springs Road. Debra and I have lived here since 1977.  Changes here have been gradual over the years and will continue. This is meant to capture a moment in time.
Summer 2020
This barn and silo is a feature which catches the eye of passersby. It was built in 1919 when this farm was owned by a family by the name of Bair.
Hover your cursor over the silo and click.  A magnified view will allow you to read the silo's engraved tile.  The tile insert photo can also be clicked on to read the tile
silo tile
Farm Field
The Eagle Tree
Above is one of several pleasant farm field views along the road.  A mated pair of bald eagles have nested for years in a large white pine, which is located on the distant ridge.  The "Eagle Tree" is located on the distant Pisgah Ridge at the center of this photo.
Click on individual photos to view as an enlarged image
Our House
Our Home
Debra and I built this home ourselves during the Summer of 1977. Without the extensive help of my father, Derbert Smith, we could never have succeeded. We lived in a tent on the hillside and with much help from friends and relatives we got "under roof" and moved in by Fall. In 1988 we built an addition to the original home, doubling its size.
The Warm Springs Lodge
In the early 1800's this lodge was established to serve travelers and to offer health benefits, believed to be provided by the the waters coming from several slightly warm nearby springs. The Lodge has undergone many reconstructions and additions over the years. An extensive history of this remarkable past can be viewed at:
Warm Springs Lodge Sign
The Warm Springs Lodge
The lawn at The Lodge
Two views of the creekside lawn at The Warm Springs Lodge
The "Warm Spring" gurgles to the surface at the the base of a giant Tulip Poplar tree.  Today, it is enclosed in this humble block springhouse. The spring's water temperature is a few degrees warmer than most ground water sources but still cool to the touch.
In the 1800's the spring's water was believed to have healthy and curative properties. People traveled for miles to stay at the lodge and to bathe in and drink the spring's waters. It's my opinion that any sense of improved health was likely do to the the calm, tranquil, quiet, fresh air, natural setting provided here. 
Lawn at The Lodge
The Warm Spring
The Swamp
On the southside of Warm Springs Road Shermans Creek flows toward the east, parallel to the road. Just west of The Lodge, Shermans Creek is several 100 yards from the road and between the creek and the road lies a boggy lowland which we have always called "The Swamp".  "The Swamp" provides a diverse environment for plants and wildlife.  Here Warm Springs Road follows the dividing line between "The Swamp" and the steep rise to Quaker Hill on the north side. In "The Swamp" the over-arching trees and varied foliage give the road a sense remote solitude.  The photo below is my attempt to capture the scene.
The Swamp
Warm Springs Road
Gregg's Old Stone House
Gregg's Old Stone House
The sign displayed near the front porch
Gregg's Stone House Sign
Dick and Arletta Gregg lived here when we moved to the valley in 1977. We became friends. Dick always loved hunting and even more loved sharing hunting stories. They are both gone now and missed.
Originally the house was a stop on the old stage coach route between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. In those days the old road was located at what is now the back of the house and the front door was located there also. The side that now faces Warm Springs road was considered the backside of the building.
Shermans Creek
Shermans Creek is a broad and shallow stream that flows eastward toward the Susquehanna River. It is prone to flooding during periods of high precipitation. The stream is popular for both fishing and kayaking.  Shermans Creek runs parallel to Warm Springs Road.
Shermans Creek
Shermans Creek
photo credit Warm Springs Lodge
The Kretzing Farm
Max and Arlene Kretzing were living on this farm when we moved here in 1977. I grew up in rural farm country in Centre County PA.  The Kretzings remind me so much of the farm families I knew well as a child. Those families were hard working, independent, generally happy, openly friendly, neighborly and helpful to all. I've had the good fortune to spend many hours at Max and Arlene's kitchen table hearing many stories and insights of life in Perry County. Max loves to hunt and has probably eaten more squirrels and venison than anyone else I know. They too are growing older and sadly they have had to put the farm up for sale. I really miss having them here.
The Kretzing Barn
The Kretzing Barn
Kretzing's Farm House
The Kretzing Farm House
Max's Upper Farm Field
Max's upper field
Deer in the upper field
Hundreds of yards away, at the back of the field, far beyond the capability of my lens, deer can be seen feeding. Click on the insert, strain your eyes, and see if you can spot 9 deer.
The Ride
As will be obvious, I am not a videographer. However, I wanted to record the experience of driving the length of Warm Springs Road both first from east to west and with a turn-about from west to east. For those who make this trip often, this may seem mundane and for those who have never been here it will be hard to find any relevance. So either way, buckle up and be prepared for 5 miles and 14-1/2 minutes of pure white-knuckled tedium. Enough promotion - Take The Ride!
BONUS PRIZE for anyone that can tell me where I encountered a bicyclist during this sunny summer drive.
Sound track by All Star Remix - originally by Fleetwood Mac
Note: The lyrics are not revelent to this production.
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