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Monument Valley

Dan Smith Photo Op

Photography at will

This site is dedicated to displaying my various photographic endeavors. My waterfall photography has its own dedicated site at All other subjects will be displayed here. I will try to keep the various subjects organized and easily found through the MENU.

Today's digital photography equipment and the various photo editing computer programs have given the photographer a wide range of tools to control the final image.  One can easily  alter and fine tune exposure, contrast, color saturation and many other settings for each photo. The goal can be to create the most realistic depiction of the scene, as observed by the photographer, or it may be to create a very altered vision, sometimes artistic and sometimes pure fantasy.

I usually strive to produce an image which is slightly enhanced to show the subject in its "best light" but also realistic and natural in form. However, I must admit that I am also drawn to the temptation to be artistic.  I am aware that one man's "artistic" may be another man's "you have got to be kidding". I am counting on the viewer to able to tell the difference and make their own judgement.   -   Dan          


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